Spectroradiometer Market By Modality (Portable and Bench-top), Application (LED measurement, Display measurement and calibration, and Transmission and Reflection Measurement) and Product (Lab Spectroradiometer and Field Spectroradiometer) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

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Spectroradiometer Market Overview and Introduction

Spectralradiation refers to theintensity of output obtained from a radiation source as a function of wavelength. Radiation spectra vary for different radiation sources and conditions. They can be used to determine the characteristicsof radiation sources. Thus, a spectroradiometer is an instrumentcombining the functions of a spectroscope with those of a radiometer to determinethe radiant-energy distribution in a spectrum.These instruments record the radiation spectrum of the light source and calculate the desired parameters including chromaticity and luminance.

The global spectroradiometer marketis primarily driven by the growing demand for environmental research focused on reduced integration costs. For instance, at the Solar Radiation Research Laboratory (SRRL), researchers are using spectroradiometers to provide the solar resource information necessary for renewable energy research &development.Moreover, there is an increased demand for spectroradiometers in research and development laboratories, as they give high accuracy results. It helps to measure photon flux, reflectance & transmittance, and absorbance. Furthermore, withincreaseddigitalization, the utilization of spectroradiometershas increased.These factorsare anticipated to propel market growth during the forecast period. However,the high price of spectroradiometers mayhinder market growth to a certain extent.

The global spectroradiometer market has been segmented into the following categories–modality, application and product.

Spectroradiometer Market By Modality

Based onmodality, themarket can besegmented into portable and bench-top. Portable spectroradiometers willdominate the market during the forecast period owing to features such as ease of use, flexibility,and wireless interface

Spectroradiometer Market By Application

Based onapplication, the market can be segmented into LED measurement, display measurement and calibration, and transmission and reflection measurement and other applications. TheLED measurementsegmentdominated the marketas more and more incandescent lights are being replaced by LEDs each day. LEDs offer advantages such as increased efficiency, color specificity, size, response time, lifetime, and others.Thus, there is anincreased demand for spectroradiometers in the LED measurement owing to the ability of spectroradiometersto measurespectral power distribution, color&colorrendering properties, and others.

Spectroradiometer Market By Product

Based on product, the market can be segmented into lab spectroradiometer and field spectroradiometer. The field spectroradiometer segment dominated the market as these are used in environmental research for monitoring and upscaling vegetation physiology, carbon and water fluxes. Theses spectroradiometers deliver fast and more accurate spectral field measurements and also are less expensive compared to lab spectroradiometer.

Spectroradiometer Market By Region

Based on region, the global spectroradiometer marketcan be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World (ROW).North America dominated the marketowing to the increasedtechnological adoption andthe growing demand for digitalization, whichare positively impactingmarket growth in the region. Furthermore, developments in the field of environmental research, rising government funding to boostexperiments related toclimate changeand the presence of major players thatare fueling market growth in the region.

Spectroradiometer Market Prominent Players

Some of the key players operating in theglobal spectroradiometer market includeABB, Apogee Instruments, Inc., Deltaohm, EKO Instruments B.V., Hitachi High-Tech Corporation., HORIBA, Ltd., Instrument Systems Optische Messtechnik GmbH, INTERNATIONAL LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Thermo Fisher Scientific, TOPCON TECHNOHOUSE CORPORATION,and others.