Digital Thread Market By Type (Parts and System), By Application (Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Transportation, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, and Others), By Sales Channel (OEMs and Aftermarket) – Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Digital Thread Market Overview and Introduction

Digital thread and digital twin concepts are implemented to provide enhanced customer-centric involvements that are powered by digital methodologies. The concepts of the digital thread and digital twin have been adopted extensively by the military aircraft industry in their desire to improve the performance of future programs. They apply lessons learned through these digital technologies to current and upcoming progr... Read more

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Defense Cyber Security Market By Solution (Identity & Access Management, Data Loss Prevention Management, Security & Vulnerability Management, and Unified Threat Management), By Deployment Mode (On-premises and Cloud), By Component (Products, Solutions, and Services) – Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030.

Defense Cyber Security Market Overview and Introduction

The cyber security market in the defense domain is anticipated to perceive substantial growth over the study timeframe. The cyber security sector during this period will encompass a wide range of solutions including network security, endpoint security, application security, content security, cloud security, and wireless security solutions. These solutions can be integrated to form a superior defense mechanism... Read more

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Vitamin D Market By Type (D2 and D3), By Form (Dry and Liquid), By Application (Functional Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical Products & Dietary Supplements, Personal Care, and Pet Food & Animal Feed), and By End-User (Pregnant Women, Children, and Adults) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Vitamin D Market: Overview and Introduction

Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K are chemical compounds required by the human body to carry out several metabolic functions. The synthesis of Vitamin D is triggered within the human body when rays of sunlight strike the skin. The other sources of Vitamin D include food and dietary supplements. Seafood including cod, mackerel, salmon, and tuna, among others, are the rich sources of vitamin D. It is also pres... Read more

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Autonomous Aircraft Market By Technology (Increasingly Autonomous {IA} and Fully Autonomous), By End-Use (Commercial Aircraft, Combat & ISR, Cargo & Delivery Aircraft, Air Medical Services, and Personal Air Vehicles), By Component (Cameras & Sensors, Software, Air Data Inertial Reference Units {ADIRU}, Intelligent Servos, Flight Management Computers, Radars & Transponders, Propulsion Systems, and Actuation Systems) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Autonomous Aircraft Market Overview and Introduction

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) demarcated an autonomous aircraft as an unmanned or fully-automated aircraft that does not necessitate pilot interference for flying the aircraft. The current automatic aircraft fleets that both military & civil organizations possess are operating with the help of autopilot features and operators to some extent. Moreover, the increasing adoption of artific... Read more

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Industrial Coatings Market By Resin (Acrylic, Alkyd, Epoxy, Fluoropolymer, Polyester, and Polyurethane), Technology (Powder, Solvent-Based, and Water-Based), End-Use Industry (General Industrial, Automotive & Transportation, Aerospace, Marine, Wood, and Packaging) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Industrial Coatings Market: Overview and Introduction

Industrial coatings find applications in a diverse range of end-use industries - automotive & transportation, aerospace, marine, wood, packaging, and general industrial. Hence, they are manufactured by several industry-specific requirements & functions to meet their exact demands. Also, while applying certain industrial coatings, it is crucial to control the thickness of the coating for... Read more

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Fuel Additives Market By Type (Anti-icing, Cetane Improvers, Cold Flow Improvers, Corrosion Inhibitors, Deposit Control, Dyes & Markers, Lubricity Improvers, Octane Improvers, and Stability Improvers), Application (Diesel, Gasoline, and Aviation Fuels) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Fuel Additives Market Overview and Introduction

With prolonged operations, harmful deposits get accumulated in engines, further hindering its efficiency. This results in the growing need to eliminate such harmful deposits. Fuel additives are chemical compounds that are added to the fuel to boost its quality and efficiency. The flourishing automotive manufacturing sector and awareness regarding improved fuel efficiency through fuel additives is dri... Read more

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Aviation Blockchain Market By Application (Airports, Airlines, MRO Service Providers, and Manufacturers), By Use Cases (Cargo & Baggage Tracking, Passenger Identity Management, Flight & Crew Data Management, Aircraft Maintenance, Inventory Management, Aircraft Refuelling, and E-Ticketing), By Sector (Commercial Aviation and Military Aviation) – Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030.

Aviation Blockchain Market Overview and Introduction

The aviation blockchain market is driven by its ability to facilitate efficient & smoother operations that lead to cost savings and reduced complexities. Several factors, such as the reduction in maintenance cost, improved passenger experience, increased transparency & traceability of operations, and reduction in transactional complexities, are some of the factors driving the market growth. The blockchai... Read more

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Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN) Market By Type (Remote Access and Site-to-Site), By Deployment (Public, Private, and Hybrid), By Organizational Size (Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Large Enterprises), By End-Use Industry (Transportation & Logistics; Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI); IT & Telecommunications; Retail & E-Commerce; Energy & Utilities; Manufacturing; Government & Defense; Medical & Life Sciences; and Media & Entertainment) - Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN) Market Overview and Introduction

A cloud VPN is also termed as VPNaaS (Virtual Private Network as a Service) or hosted VPN. Cloud VPN enables peer networks to connect with a virtual private cloud network with the help of an IPsec VPN connection. All data traveling between these networks is encrypted and decrypted by respective VPN gateways. There are two types of VNP - remote access (connects a device outside the corporate offic... Read more

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Underwater Robotics Market By Type (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) (Shallow AUV, Medium AUV, and Large AUV) and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) (Work Class ROV, Observation Class ROV, and Intervention/Inspection Class ROV)), and By Application (Scientific Research, Commercial Exploration, and Defense & Security) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Underwater robotics Market Overview and Introduction

Ocean exploration, is disciplined & organized and includes rigorous observation & documentation of biological, chemical, physical, geological, and archaeological aspects of the ocean. Findings made through ocean exploration are fundamental to reducing unknowns in deep-ocean areas and providing high-value environmental intelligence needed to address both current and emerging science & management needs... Read more

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Food Flavors Market By Type (Chocolate & Browns, Dairy, Fruit & Nut, Spices, and Vanilla), Application (Bakery, Confectionery, Beverages, Dairy, Meat, and Savory & Snacks), Origin (Artificial and Natural) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Food Flavors Market Overview and Introduction

Food flavors refer to sensory impressions that the food possesses, which are usually determined by smell and taste. Processing and preserving of food items are generally responsible for degrading the taste of perishable foods. Food flavors preserve the taste of food products and are utilized to enhance or even modify their taste.

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