Tourniquet Market By Type (Tourniquet Systems, Tourniquet Cuffs, and Tourniquet Accessories), Application (Lower-Limb and Upper-Limb), End User (Hospitals & Trauma Centers, Military, and Ambulatory Surgery Centers) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Tourniquet Market Overview and Introduction

A tourniquet refers to a constriction device used to control arterial and venous blood flow to a portion of an extremity for a defined period of time. It is used to apply pressure circumferentially around a portion of a limb at a desired location; the pressure is then transferred to the walls of blood vessels, causing them to become temporarily occluded or restricted. Tourniquets are commonly used in surgical settings to... Read more

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Guidewires Market By Material (Stainless Steel Guidewires, Nitinol Guidewires, and Hybrid Guidewires), Product (Surgical Guidewires and Diagnostic Guidewires), Application (Cardiology, Vascular, Urology, Neurology, Oncology, and Gastroenterology), End Users (Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Guidewires Market Overview and Introduction

A guidewire is used as a guide for the placement of a large device or prosthesis such as a catheter or intramedullary pin. They vary in length, size, the shape of the tip, composition, coating, as well as stiffness.  Guidewires are of two types and they can be coated using hydrophobic or hydrophilic polymers. A hydrophobic guidewire repels water giving interventionalist a stronger tactile sensation. A hydrophilic co... Read more

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5G Chipset Market By Product (Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), Network Infrastructure Equipment, and Devices), By Operational Frequency (Sub-6 GHz, Between 26 and 39 GHz, and Above 39 GHz), By IC Type (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC), Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), Cellular Integrated Circuit (Cellular IC), and Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuit (mmWave IC)), and By End User (Healthcare, Automotive & Transportation, Energy & Utilities, and Industrial Automation) – Global Analysis & Forecast 2019-2030

5G Chipset Market Introduction & Overview

5G (fifth generation) is the next generation of wireless technology systems with faster upload & download speeds when compared with previous generations. The utilization of shorter frequencies (millimeter waves between 30GHz and 300GHz) is the reason that makes 5G faster. This high-band 5G spectrum offers anticipated improvements, not just in terms of speed but also quality, low latency, and capacity. The early tes... Read more

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Hyperspectral Imaging System Market By Product (Cameras and Accessories), Technology (Pushbroom, Whiskbroom, and Snapshot), Application (Military Surveillance, Remote Sensing, Machine Vision & Optical Sorting, and Life Sciences & Medical Diagnostics) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Hyperspectral Imaging System Market Introduction and Overview

A hyperspectral imaging system collects images of a single object in a series of spectral windows and processes the information through an electromagnetic spectral. It consists of more than 20 bands of spectral data for each pixel. These systems can be used to perform color readings for small areas with relatively low errors and can also be used as an alternative to standard colorimetric methods. They ... Read more

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EV Charging Cables Market By Charging Level (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3/DC Fast Charging), By End-Use (Private Charging and Public Charging), By Charging Plug (CHAdeMO and Combined Charging System (CCS)) – Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030.

EV Charging Cables Market Overview and Introduction

The increasing adoption of electrification in the vehicles is shaping the future of the automotive industry. In an electric vehicle, the battery is the main power source and it is charged with the help of charging cables. Hence, charging cables have been playing an important role in the electrification of the automotive industry. Thus, there are various types of charging cables available in the market depending o... Read more

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Microsurgical Instruments Market By Product Type (Operating Microscopes, Micro Sutures, Micro Forceps, Microsurgery Needle Holders, and Micro Scissors), By Microsurgery Type (Orthopedic Microsurgery, Ophthalmic Microsurgery, Plastic & Reconstructive Microsurgery, Neurological Microsurgery, ENT Microsurgery, Dental Microsurgery, and Gynecological & Urological Microsurgery), and By End-User (Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, and Academic & Research Centers) – Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Microsurgical Instruments Market Introduction & Overview

Microsurgery became popular in developed regions owing to its precision along with minimal tissue trauma, fewer complications, better surgical results, and greater professional satisfaction. Microsurgery is done under a narrow field of vision and a narrow depth of focus due to which it results in the loss of points of reference and tactile control. For microsurgery to succeed, besides a good microscope a... Read more

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Fraud Detection and Prevention Market By Solution (Fraud Analytics, Authentication, and Governance, Risk, & Compliance), Service (Managed Services and Professional Services), Application (Identity Theft, Money Laundering, and Payment Fraud), Deployment Mode (Cloud and On-Premises), Industry Vertical (Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance (BFSI), IT & Telecommunication, Retail, Healthcare, and Energy & Power) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Fraud Detection and Prevention Market Overview and Introduction

Fraud detection and prevention applications provide an end-to-end fraud prevention environment. They help to analyze high-volume data streams, identify complex suspicious scenarios by examining behavioral patterns, and provide real-time intelligence that is required to identify fraudulent transactions. Leading players in the market are focusing on strategies, such as offering advanced product portfoli... Read more

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Ethylene Carbonate Market By Application (Coatings, Dyes, Lithium Batteries, Lubricants, Organic Solvents, and Medical Products), By End-Use Industry (Automotive, Healthcare, Paints & Coatings, Plastics, Chemicals, Textiles, Oil & Gas, and Agriculture) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

 Ethylene Carbonate Market Overview and Introduction

Ethylene carbonate is an organic compound that can be colorless or yellowish in color. It is a highly polar solvent that offers a high boiling point, low toxicity, and high solubility for polymeric applications.

The growing utilization of ethylene carbonate for automotive batteries stands to be one of the key drivers. As ethylene carbonate is a highly polar solvent, it is widely utilized in elect... Read more

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Fiducial Markers Market By Product (Polymer-Based Markers and Metal-Based Markers (Gold Combination Markers and Pure Gold Markers), Modality (MRI, Radiotherapy, Ultrasound and CT/CBCT), Cancer Type (Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Gastric Cancer) and End User (Cancer Research Centers, Hospitals & Outpatient Facilities, and Independent Radiotherapy Centers) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Fiducial Markers Market Overview and Introduction

Fiducial markers act as medical devices or small objects placed in or on the body to mark an area for radiation treatment or surgery. This aids the doctor to adjust the dosage of radiation to a tumor ensuring less harm to the nearby healthy tissues. Implantable fiducial markers provide a highly effective method to ensure accurate target localization for tumors or organs. The markers move to precise locations with r... Read more

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Poultry Vaccines Market By Product Type (Attenuated Vaccines, Inactivated Vaccines, and Recombinant Vaccines), Application (Avian Influenza, Marek’s Disease, Newcastle Disease, and Infectious Bronchitis), Dosage Form (Freeze Dried Vaccine, Liquid Vaccine, and Duct (Dry Form)) - Global Analysis & Forecast 2020-2030

Poultry Vaccines Market Overview and Introduction

Poultry vaccination prevents and controls several contagious poultry diseases. Vaccination plays a vital role to curb the spread of disease, which is very fast in poultries. The efficient control of diseases in poultry can be ensured by maintaining hygienic rearing systems and providing appropriate vaccines. Currently, several major epidemic diseases of poultry such as avian in?uenza and Newcastle disease have been... Read more

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