Medical Robots Market by Product (Surgical Robotic Systems, Rehabilitation Robotic System, Hospital & Pharmacy Robotic System, Noninvasive Radiosurgery Robotic System), Application (Laparoscopy, Orthopedic Surgery, Pharmacy Applications, Neurosurgery) – Global Analysis and Forecast 2019-2030

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Medical Robots Market Overview and Introduction

The global medical robots market is estimated to be over US$ 6.0 Bn in 2018. It is anticipated to grow at a 20.6% CAGR from 2019 to 2030. 

Medical robots are the robots that are used in hospitals and medical institutions to perform highly complex surgeries.  Robots can be utilized as surgical assistants to surgeons that perform minimally invasive procedures. Rehabilitation robots play an important role to recover patients with disabilities. Moreover, robots are able to disinfect and clean the room from any microbes and viruses. Additionally, the biggest benefit of using medical robots is precision and speed.  

The global medical robots markets is driven by innovation and technological advancements which have played a vital role in contributing to the growth of this market. Due to innovation and   technological advancements, patients are benefited in terms of shortened recovery time and reduced pain after surgery. Moreover, the companies are focusing on fund raising to strengthen the medical robots market for long run. However, safety concerns over robotic surgeries are likely to restrain the market.

Medical Robots Market by Product

On the basis of product, the medical robots market is segmented into surgical robotic systems, rehabilitation robotic system, hospital and pharmacy robotic systems, noninvasive robotic surgery systems and other robotic systems. The surgical robotic systems are further divided into laparoscopic robotic systems, orthopedic robotic systems and, neurosurgical robotic systems. The surgical robotic system segment is estimated to account for the largest share in medical robots market owing to its high adoption by multispecialty hospitals. The rehabilitation robotic systems are also classified into therapeutic robotic systems, assistive robotic systems, exoskeleton robotic systems and other rehabilitation robotic systems. The hospital and pharmacy robotic systems are further classified into pharmacy robotic systems and IV robotic systems.

Medical Robots Market by Application 

In terms of application, the medical robots market is segmented into laparoscopy, orthopedic surgery, pharmacy applications, neurosurgery and other applications. During the forecast period, the neurosurgery segment is expected to reflect the highest CAGR.

Medical Robots Market by Region 

The global medical robots market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of World (ROW). North America dominated the market of medical robots, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. North America will continue to dominate the global medical robots market in the forecast period owing to factors such as increasing adoption of minimally invasive procedures, availability of wide range of treatment options, and technological advancements among others. However, Asia Pacific is expected to witness the highest CAGR, with the growth in this market centered at China, Korea, Japan and India. Factors such as advanced surgical procedures, minimum health risks, fastest recovery and increasing accuracy of medical robots are likely to attract patients from different parts of the world.

Medical Robots Market Prominent Players 

The prominent players in the global medical robots market are Intuitive Surgical, Inc., iRobot Corporation, Mazor Robotics, Auris Health, Inc., Accuray, Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc., Arxium, Kirby Lester, Stereotaxis, Inc., Titan Medical among others.

Table of Contents

    1. Market Definition
    2. Market Ecosystem
      1.  Market Classification
      2.  Geographic Scope
      3.  Years Considered for the Study: Historical Years – 2016 & 2017; Base Year – 2018; Forecasted Years – 2019 to 2030
    3. Currency Used
    1. Research Framework
    2. Data Collection Technique
    3. Data Sources
      1.  Secondary Sources
      2.  Primary Sources
    4. Market Estimation Methodology
      1.  Bottoms Up Approach
      2.  Top Down Approach
    5. Data Validation and Triangulation
      1.  Market Forecasting Model
      2.  Limitations/Assumptions of the Study
    1. Overview
    2. Drivers
    3. Barriers/Challenges
    4. Opportunities
    1. Regulatory Landscape Assessment
    2. Application Horizon Assessment
    3. Technological Advancements
    1. Surgical Robotic Systems
      1. Laparoscopic Robotic Systems
      2. Orthepedic Robotic Systems
      3. Neurosurgical Robotic Systems
    2. Rehabilitation Robotic Systems
      1. Therapeutic Robotic Systems
      2. Assistive Robotic Systems
      3. Exoskeleton Robotic Systems
      4. Other Rehabilitation Robotic Systems
    3. Hospital & Pharmacy Robotic Systems
      1. Pharmacy Robotic Systems
      2. IV Robotic Systems
    4. Noninvasive Radiosurgery Robotic Systems
    5. Other Robotic Systems
    6. Accessories
    1. Laparoscopy
    2. Orthopedic Surgery
    3. Pharmacy Applications
    4. Neurosurgery
    5. Other Applications
    1.   North America Medical Robots Market
      1.  North America, By Country
        1. US
        2.  Canada
      2. North America Analysis & Forecast, By Product
      3. North America Analysis & Forecast, By Application
    2. Europe Medical Robots Market
      1. Europe, By Country/Region
        1. Germany
        2. U.K
        3. France
        4. Rest of Europe (ROE)
      2. Europe Analysis & Forecast, By Product
      3. Europe Analysis & Forecast, By Application
    3. Asia Pacific Medical Robots Market
      1. Asia Pacific, By Country/Region
        1. China
        2. Japan
        3. India
        4. Rest of Asia Pacific (RoAPAC)
      2. Asia Pacific Analysis & Forecast, By Product
      3. Asia Pacific Analysis & Forecast, By Application
    4.   Rest of the World (ROW) Medical Robots Market
      1. Rest of the World, By Country/ Region
        1.  Latin America
        2.  Middle East & Africa
      2. Rest of the World Analysis & Forecast, By Product
      3. Rest of the World Analysis & Forecast, By Application
    1. Market Share Analysis (2018)
    2. Key Strategies Assessment
      1. New Product & Services Launches
      2. Merger & Acquisitions
      3. Agreements, Collaborations, & Partnerships
      4. Expansions
      5. Other Strategies
  10. COMPANY PROFILES (Business Overview, Products & Services Offered, Financial Performance, R&D Intensity, Marketing & Sales Intensity, Recent Developments, Analyst Corner)*
    1. Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
    2. iRobot Corporation
    3. Mazor Robotics
    4. Auris Health, Inc.
    5. Accuray
    6. Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc.
    7. Arxium
    8. Kirby Lester
    9. Stereotaxis, Inc.
    10. Titan Medical

*Financial details might not be captured in case of privately-held companies or for companies that do not report this information in public domain